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03 April 2015 @ 03:49 pm
So my work computer that was all locked down now isn't?  Weird.  However while I can log onto LJ I can't seem to view my own journal...so I wonder will this post?  Gonna find out!!!
22 July 2014 @ 12:19 pm

Nail art!!!

These are inspired by something I saw in a google search I did last night.
I'm holding a sonic screwdriver that unjaundiced sent me. Because she's fucking awesome like that!!!!

29 January 2014 @ 08:01 am

16 December 2013 @ 05:09 pm

Came home from work and look what arrived in the mail!!!!

Unfortunately I can't watch it until after my guitar lesson but I will also try to figure out how to rip and upload it. Any good programme suggestions for mac computers???

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Nails!!!! I keep forgetting to take pics but have taken a few the over the last couple of weeks so here they are!!!

Although I have done the watermelon ones before I hadn't done them in Japan. I think it's safe to say my school doesn't care what I've got on my nails... XD

22 March 2013 @ 02:58 pm

I've been meaning to post about this woman I see on my way to work most mornings as she freaks me out a little.
In the mornings there are two trains I can catch - the 7:38 and the 7:42. If I catch the first one I always see this lady walking along to the bus stop right near my school. If I see her early enough I get to see her singing to herself while she has headphones on as she gestures rather grandly with the hand not holding the bag. It's the bag that has made me call her crazy lady in my head. In her bag she has a picture of some Japanese star on a piece of cardboard. It's not always the same picture but its always the same woman in the pictures. The style of the woman in the picture looks like she was probably big in the 90s and I would imagine that my crazy lady has had a fixation on her since then. She's probably a singer and that's why she's always listening to music and singing along and making actions like she's on stage or on camera. Crazy lady is pretty crazy but seems harmless which is good cause I watch waaaaaay too much Criminal Minds and can just see her being a stalker and probably killing this woman in the pictures... *imagination is way overactive...*

The crazy thing that happened to me goes like this. Back at the start of January I got a phone call from one of the two people that are "in charge" of us ALT teachers (they are also foreigners...). After the usual niceties I get asked if I would be willing to apply for a Ward Leader position. Ok a Ward Leader is someone that is in "charge" of their ward - all the schools are broken up into ward areas - and the person in charge is basically just someone that people can go to to ask all those stupid little questions that they shouldn't bother the overlords with, and other stuff... XD
In reply to this question I was like "....um I don't really know what a Ward Leader does..." To which she explained a bit and the long and short of it is that I said I would think about it and could she please send me the info again. I heard nothing back. This made me think I was safe, how foolish I was.... XD Because when I said please send me the info what I meant was " no thanks!" because this Ward Leader position means more work with no extra pay.

I eventually found the email that had originally been sent about the positions and read thru it. It said please apply in writing and then mention it in your interview. I did neither of these. You can understand I felt safe in the knowledge it was not going to be me.
And then ON MY BIRTHDAY I find an envelope on my desk. Thinking innocent thoughts that it would be paperwork on my school for April I opened it fearlessly, even impatiently! Sitting on the top I see these words

"We would like to offer you the position of
Ward Team Leader
for the ( ) Ward Team"

Seriously what it this craziness??? T_T

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19 January 2013 @ 10:32 am

What's in here I wonder? That's right! It's Shami-chan my shamisen!

Oops forgot to take the yellow cloth off...
And now some close ups!

My neighbours are going to love me!!!!!!

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04 November 2012 @ 11:28 am

So my current nails! Don't know if I can get away with them at work. Don't know whether or not to change them tonight...

Anyway Friday night was the Halloween party for my areas ALTs. I dressed up as Dorothy!
If we're Facebook friends then you can see pics of me.

Halloween was pretty fun. My new Canadian friend D dressed up as Snow White. We went to a foreigners bar called Iznt but the drinks there are pretty expensive so we went out to the lawsons to get a cheap drink and then stood outside lawsons drinking. It was hilarious! People kept staring at us so we started calling out "konbanwa" and waving at them. This would produce either laughing at waving back to us or quickly looking away like they weren't staring. HILARIOUS! Especially when drunk!!! More than a few Japanese people have a photo with drunk Snow White and Dorothy. What was even stupider was the amount of Japanese people that called me 'Alice'? ...違いますozのDorothyです。 (no I'm Dorothy from Wizard of Oz...) and Snow White kept being called Cinderella!!! I was like "SHE HAS AN APPLE!"

Other stuff that's been happening. My school had their bunkasai (cultural festival) which meant sitting thru two of the classes from each year singing then all the third years singing and then a slideshow play thing and then an actual play (which was pretty cute).
In the afternoon the other ALT K and I had to sit in the ESS club room that everyone had decorated together.

This was what the kids saw when they arrived into the room:

And this was the ALT corner:

The other ALT K and I sat here and played a game with the kids. We were 'supposed' to do English conversation with them but like that was ever going to work!!!

Everyone just got booted off the train! No idea why and up comes another one now... Very strange...

And yay I go to a Special school now on Wednesdays! It's for special needs kids. It's super fun and the kids are sweeties. This is outside the main doors:

The high school opposite them made it for them. THAT IS SO SWEET!!!

I also brought a big Nyanko-sensei and won some in the claw machines. He's so cute!!! There's a coin purse that I really want but the machine I saw it in was a hard one... :(

And this is my friend Y's cat. Isn't it gorgeous??? This is another reason why I want to move in next door to her again!!!

Ok nearly in Osaka! Will post this. I have more photos and stuff to post so will try to do it on my next train ride! XD

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07 October 2012 @ 10:20 pm

It's been a long time since my last post and as I took my computer to work today to see if we can hook it up to the telly here to play a movie for two of the 3年生 (3rd year students) classes for the other foreign teacher that works with me. She'll only have 2 of the 8 classes this week because of sports day so she doesn't want to go to too much work on a lesson and was going to play a movie and have them do a quick quiz sheet, and as I have Spirited Away in English…makes it easy! So brought the computer today to make sure we can get it all to work. Did mean that I had to carry my laptop in the rain which wasn't so much fun but during 6th period when the kids are practicing for sports day we'll go to the library and muck about for an hour watching the movie! YAY!

Well about what's happening here for me at the moment. My apartment is mostly clean and starting to be more comfortable and how I want it arranged. It was a fucking bomb site when I arrived - I don't think my pred believed in cleaning. I found all sorts of shit as I was cleaning though - like 3 bibles from the Jehovah's Witnesses and a pile of photos from her school and heaps of her paperwork etc. It all went into the appropriate filing cabinet - the rubbish bag. I took out 15 bags of rubbish in the first few days of my clean up. FIFTEEN! And that's not counting the two futon that I just took downstairs and sneakily dumped and the pile of cardboard I had to get rid of as well. AND THEN I FOUND THE CUPBOARD OUTSIDE ON THE BALCONY! And it was full of empty bottles and jars that she had obviously dumped in there because she didn't know what to do with them??? Uh its pretty fucking easy as the recycle system is pinned to your bloody wall and is in ENGLISH!!! No I wasn't at all angry with this girl…not at all….Also the couches were FAKE *WHITE* pleather and look like crap and the bed was broken. To be fair I don't think she would have realised that the bed was broken as it wasn't until I took off the mattress that I saw that it was broken but COME ON! I don't think I should be being fair here when I paid for that bed. She totally ripped me off. I brought a new washing machine because the 1940's were calling and wanted the piece of shit that was there back. So that cost me to get a new one (from the recycle centre) and they took the old one away. Which I had to pay for but at least that way it was gone. I also got the air con installed which was hilarious as well! Got the air con from someone else and when the guy came to install it he was like a) the cord is too short to reach the socket and b) the voltage is wrong… LOL. So I had to get in an electrician to fix that…. My other excitement was that the guy from the gas company said that one of the functions on the bath wasn't working. So I told my employers that, "the gas man told me that the bath isn't working properly, can you please get it fixed?". So someone comes to look at it and says there's nothing wrong with it but it's really old and should be replaced anyway! So I got a new bath. It's so awesome!!! It even talks to me when I change the temperature and stuff. So new bath is fantastic. There's temperature control for the shower water and the bath water (separately) and then press the button and the bath fills by itself and can stay at the right temperature. It's going to be heaven in the winter!!!

I also started decorating my room. I've put up some fashion silhouettes that look pretty good and want to do some bird ones next on the sliding doors. I am trying to keep my kitchen clutter free but I want to buy an oven so I will have to buy something to put the oven and microwave on. It would be good if the rice cooker could go on it as well. I have 2 tatami rooms and one is my living room/bedroom the other is storage/my wardrobe. The two couches and the bed as well as an exercycle and a very ugly coffee table. I think that's the thing that annoyed my so much about the apartment. I didn't want a westernised place - I wanted a Japanese place and it was too western for what I wanted. I'm a lot happier now that I've moved stuff around and got my living room/bedroom. I don't really care that I've lost some space. I've lived in smaller places in Japan. This is a palace in comparison!

I still want to buy a telly and I might have the printer/scanner tomorrow (depending on how much it is and how much money I have left for the month) otherwise I'll get it this weekend. I'll order the telly from Amazon (it seems to be cheapest) and get it delivered!!! YAY! Can't wait to hook my computer up to it and have another screen. ^_^

It's funny that I'm not sure I'm supposed to have my computer at school but the only person who said anything last time was one of my third year teachers but he was being very Japanese at me and said "was that heavy to bring?" I was like yeah I guess, thinking does this mean I shouldn't bring it??? BE CLEAR JAPANESE MAN!!! So I've got it today anyway and I've been typing away and the vice-principal has seen me but he doesn't seem worried so I hope that there is not going to be any issue and that I can bring it more in the future! To be clearer I have 6 Japanese English teachers that I work with. Two are for first years (both guys), two for second years (both girls) and two for third years (one of each!). My fellow conspirator - K - and I teach all three years on a rotating roster so that we teach all of first year and half of third year in one week then the other half of third year and second year the next week so that in two weeks we see all the kids at the school (that's 835 kids). I will never learn all their names. Never. I have learnt the 5 kids in the Special Needs Class though!!! They are super cute and nice. I don't even think I'll learn the kids in the English club's names - which I feel is a waste of time especially at the moment as the kids are getting things ready for cultural festival and are speaking to each other in Japanese all the time to sort stuff out. Although the other teacher - K - was telling me it's always like that…I suggested that once things die down a bit maybe we could watch some movies and things in English a few times a month or something so it's at least pretending to be English Club. The teachers certainly don't seem to be there to care!!!

So been to Osaka quite a few times and brought FAR too much doujinshi. Will post stuff on SHAZAM Scans for people who care. Certainly ticking things off the long list of wanted doujinshi! XD
Also brought some manga that I'm thinking of scanning but don't know if I can be arsed considering all the doujinshi I've got to scan… LOL

Will also try to post up some pic of stuff that I've seen/been doing since I can do it from my phone I should try to be a bit more proactive really. *hahaha so not going to happen*
But au revoir for now. It is time to sleep.

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23 August 2012 @ 08:07 pm
I am back in the land of the internet! SHAZAM!